How To Sell a Car Online

To build wealth we want to surround ourselves with assets and investments that appreciate in value not depreciate. Depreciation is the decline in value of an asset with the passage of time due to wear and tear. A car fits this definition to a T. So what happens if we can not avoid depreciation of an asset like a car? The answer is, to use a selling platform that provides you with the best opportunity to reduce the percentage of your depreciating asset. There is no avoiding it cars will depreciate over time. The best thing to do is to reduce the amount your car depreciates by getting best price for it. In this post I am going to tell you how to sell a car online using the most profitable platform.

Three Online Platforms That Can Be Used When Selling Your Car Online.

1. Online Shops. Ebay is an example of an online shop that people can relate to, it is simple to use, you create an online account by providing your personal information. However because you are using another person or companies website you have to abide by their rules, restrictions, and regulations. You may have to pay for your listing, charged a selling fee a % of your selling price, along with other fees for promoting your product and using their website platform. This cuts into the goal of getting the best price for your car because you are paying the online shop to sell your depreciated value. Personally the only positive I see to using an online shop is that it is quick and easy to set up an account to start selling. If your objective is to get rid of your car ASAP and do not care about money or saving money then this is a good fit for you.

2. Online Market Place. Shopify is a leading online market place. Personally I like online market places better than online shops because you create a store instead of an account. This gives you greater control. Here you can build a brand. For example if you want to sell your car online, old pots and pans along with a bicycle people can come to your online market and look around. Instead of listing one item like you would in an online store you can list multiple items for more selling exposure. Maybe someone who bought your pots and pans knows someone who is in the market for a car. As you can see an online market place is a better way to sell items online but there is one problem. The fees are the same, listing fee, promotion fee, and selling fee (website charges you a commission). You also need more than one item to sell in your store or you will be crushed by the market place competition. If you have a lot to sell online not just a car this might be a better alternative to an online sore but remember the online market place fees are the same as the online store fees. Saving money by getting the most for our depreciating asset is the goal here. Luckily I have saved the best option for last.

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3. Your own website. When thinking about building your own website to sell a car people might think "I don't know how to do this. I am going to have to hire someone to figure this out. This will cost me a lot of money." Years ago this statement would have been correct however today there are many platforms that give you step by step instruction and support so you can successfully build your own website. Personally I think This one is the best platform. It enables you to generate different revenue streams if you want to sell more than just your car. There are no promotion fees, selling fees and you have total control over your website content. This platform provides one on one and group training. It also has a community of thousands building their own website as well. You can use this community to ask questions, get feedback and advice learning from their mistakes. Your website can be up and running within weeks avoiding added fees that reduce your profit. Remember when it comes to wealth the first rule of investing is to not loose money. If you can not avoid the first rule because you bought a depreciating asset the next best thing is to hedge your depreciating asset by getting the most for it. Selling your car on your own website is the best way to reduce depreciation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Questions and Comments are welcome.

- David

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